I’m sorry!

I have been neglectful. What I’d like to do on this blog is write focused posts that explore specific topics – rather than just the story of my life (although I want to keep you all updated on my life, too). I started my original blog to tell the story of Hank’s, Wren’s and my triad, because I wanted to document something that felt so amazing. Later I began to use that blog to work through my feelings surrounding what happened between Pat, Lisa and me. I then moved over here to try to avoid some drama between Wren and me, and upon moving here there was still a lot of healing going on for me, so I wrote about that. I am finally back at my centre, and have been for some time, and because of that there are fewer dramatic situations to dissect, if any. This is great! Both because I can’t take the stress of prolonged drama, and because it means I can delve more into the actual issues surrounding polyamory, bisexuality, and other such things.

But. For now… I will update you all. Once I’ve posted this update I can get to work constructing some broader posts.

Hank and Kalina broke up at the end of November, the month that she took off work and lived in our city to see how things might work long-term. To be honest the break-up wasn’t pretty. You might even say it was arduous. Okay, fuck, yes, it was arduous. A lot of off and on, Hank not making his intentions clear, Kalina acting quite erratically. It wasn’t fun to watch and I’m sure it was even less fun to be in the middle of. They seem to have it sorted now and still speak sometimes, but not about getting back together. I’d say more about the reasons for the break-up but again, it’s not my story to tell so I won’t speculate or try to explain any of it here. Those of you who know Hank personally are welcome to ask. 😉

Veronica and I are still together, though we haven’t seen each other much since we had a night away together in mid-December. We have gotten together a couple of times, but between me being gone for a week at Christmas, then her leaving for one trip very early in January and another immediately after, and just getting home last night, it feels like I haven’t seen her in ages! I am hoping to see her tomorrow night. Hank is away this week and then for most of February and into March, so I’m hoping Veronica can come stay at my place at least a couple nights this month.

I am also headed to visit Lucy (see “first girl love,” here) with Satsuki this month while Hank is away. I’m really excited about that. It was so awesome being with Lucy, her partner and their two kids when we went to visit in August. Things between us are really natural and easy, and there is a really deep love there. It’s really lovely.

Aside from that, I will fill you all in on my feelings regarding the guy friend I went hiking with last summer. I am going to call him Jason. I’ve been kind of interested in him still, but go back and forth on it, and on guys in general really. That’s a whole post in itself.

Really my life has been lots and lots of work, lots of homeschooling, lots of hanging out with Koi, taking part in the burgeoning local poly and bi communities (so much fun and so many new friends!!), and working out more (and feeling great for it). I will post again soon, I promise. Now to decide which topic to tackle first…