This is so odd and random but given that I thought you might show up on my doorstep three hours ago, it’s not totally out of the blue… I find myself thinking that I wouldn’t hate it if you showed up now in the middle of the night and crawled into my bed, just to sleep. No monkey business (because that’s how I talk now; I’m a mom, it’s allowed). Which I find surprising. Yet I feel compelled to put in up on the blog. And of course you are out there somewhere in the world doing other things, this is not on your radar, and that doesn’t even matter to me – it’s more that I find it noteworthy that I don’t feel I’d mind, nor find it bad or awkward, if you were here. Which really, when I think about it, is kind of awesome and I think, a big step forward for me.

Things have been good and less awkward between me and… pretty much everyone, lately. Friendships are feeling more normal. I am thankful.