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What has happened since my last update?

Here is a list.

1) I stopped seeing that FWB dude.  Well, stopped hearing from would be more accurate.  2 rounds and then no communication. Oh well.

2) I tuned 30.

3) Saw Laine.

4) Met a online friend in real life.

5) Fooled around with said friend. Decided to become FWB.  I don’t have a online name for him yet.

6) I moved.  More space, less rent!

7) Have become interested in someone out of town. More to come on that later.

8) Working way to much

9) Had a two hour cuddle session with a friend.

10) Thinking more on the importance of non-sexual touch.  Not just job related, but also in personal relationships.  I have a post I am working on for that as well.

Thats Ivy in 10.  I will have to sit down in the next day or two and pound out a post or three with everything going on.  Lets just say for now, that I am very happy with my life and where things are going with it.  I feel like I am finally in the right place and time.  I am feeling open to being in a relationship again, with the right person/people of course.  And I feel like I am open to loving someone again.  Thats a good feeling to have.

That’s all for now,



What a lovely weekend

It’s late and I just got home from a date with the girl I like who is not Audrey (yes I still need to ask her permission and what name she’d like). I’m writing this on my iPod but just wanted to make a quick update to say that I am having a very lovely weekend and that my date with Audrey and my date with not-Audrey both went very very well. Snuggles and kisses on the first and close-sitting in the movie theatre and hugs to end off on the second. I am really liking both of them, a lot. Feeling like a very very lucky girl. I’ll write more tomorrow!