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Sorry I didn’t write on Sunday as promised. I had to run a very important, day-long, urban-farm related errand that kept me occupied from the time Satsuki and I woke up until I got to bed really, really late. Then Monday was spent working and running Satsuki around to friends to care for her while I worked and then taking in an AMAZING concert. Oh my god. It was great! Venus and I took in Caribou, and it was awesome. His new album has some great danc-y songs on it and I’m loving it. The week has been busy with friends, work (my business is doing fairly well right now and keeping me busy!) and family life.

Anyway. More details about last weekend. On Friday night, Audrey came over and we watched movies and cuddled. We are taking things so slow, it’s pretty funny. I’m liking it a lot. We cuddled on the couch all night and then she had missed the last bus home (may have been part of my master plan), so I invited her to sleep over and suggested she sleep in my bed. (You must all be thinking I don’t really have a husband. Yeah, Hank is away a lot for work lately.) We kissed for the first time and cuddled more in bed and then I drove her home on Saturday. I’m really liking her a lot and look forward to her sleeping over again! I hope that’s soon.

Saturday night, I had a date with the other girl (I’m going out with her this Saturday and will ask her about me writing about her on here, and which name she wants). We had dinner and went to a movie, and sat really close in the theater with our hands touching. Yep, that’s how slow I’m moving. I wonder how many readers are thinking this is the least exciting blog ever. Hahaha. I’m hoping we kiss this Saturday night. If only I could have a glass or two of wine! Makes me so much braver. But I’m on antibiotics and they’re not the kind where they discourage alcohol, they’re the kind where alcohol is prohibited. So… yeah.

Audrey came over again tonight and brought organic treats. We cuddled some more and kissed a little. But really I spent the whole time wishing I had the guts to pull her on top of me and kiss her hard and touch her, just touch her all over. I would really, really like to get naked with her.

So the funny thing is, this is a new poly experience for me – dating two people at once from the same stage basically and developing feelings for both at the same time. Is this even possible to navigate? Can you successfully navigate NRE (new relationship energy) with two people at once? I’ve only ever been with Hank and one other person at once, or maybe sleeping with one more person besides that in a more casual manner. I’m kind of worried I won’t have enough time for one or the other, or that I’ll get stories they tell confused or something. Has anyone out there been in a situation like this? The girl I’m going out with on Saturday will be back home for July and August so that should at least stagger things a bit, so I’m not too worried (not that worried is even the right word, necessarily).

At any rate I’m really happy. I am dating two really amazing, smart women who seem to really like me and want to spend time with me, they’re both adorable and easy to talk to, and they also both smell good… hee, that sounds lame but whatever. There are all sorts of butterflies in my stomach these days.

Oh and as an update, Hank and Venus seem to be having fun dating, and Hank went out with the girl he’s super in love with, but is super flakey and always stands him up, today. As usual they had a ton of fun and she talked a lot about future plans but Hank and I both know that most will fall through. I wish she weren’t so flakey, I like her a lot and she is so cute, and I know they would be so happy together. Maybe one day when the time is right.


What a lovely weekend

It’s late and I just got home from a date with the girl I like who is not Audrey (yes I still need to ask her permission and what name she’d like). I’m writing this on my iPod but just wanted to make a quick update to say that I am having a very lovely weekend and that my date with Audrey and my date with not-Audrey both went very very well. Snuggles and kisses on the first and close-sitting in the movie theatre and hugs to end off on the second. I am really liking both of them, a lot. Feeling like a very very lucky girl. I’ll write more tomorrow!